Ohai! I'm Jared Shockcor, developer and owner of Grey Knife, LLC.

I spend a lot of my time tinkering with JavaScript, wishing I was skiing, and taking care of a very needy pitt bull.

I also like to help people build web and mobile applications. If you have a project in mind, and you think my skills could be of use, please feel free to get in touch with me. I'd love to talk through your idea and help you make it real.

Also feel free to check out my profiles on:

LinkedIn Github Twitter Startup focused on patient engagement.
play framework / node.js / javascript, jquery, backbone, bootstrap
Open QR Code Creation and Commenting System (Live)
node.js web app / PhoneGap iOS & Android mobile apps
WGT: Transit Viewer Real-time Septa Bus and Trolley Tracker (Live - 500+ Copies Sold)
JavaScript web app / PhoneGap iOS mobile app
Meetings Blow Meeting cost calculator/ticker and Outlook addin (Live)
C# & SilverLight client / PHP web app
Hangplan Activity and event planning app. Won second place at Philly Startup Weekend 2011 (Under Development)
Responsible for PhoneGap iOS & Android mobile app
C# Library for Cloudmine C# Library for use with Cloudmine API (Live / Active Development)
C# library & client app
Questow Multiple choice question app (Retired)
Rails web app / PhoneGap iOS mobile app
Highly proficient with: JavaScript (jQuery, Backbone), HTML5, .NET 4.0, C#, ASP.NET MVC, REST, Web Services, Perl/CGI, SQL Server
Mobile Web Development, PhoneGap, Google Maps API, Facebook API
Familiar with: Node.js, Java, Scala, Ruby on Rails, PHP, C++, COM
Wordpress, SharePoint
Current Postion
Principal UI/X Engineer
April 2012 - Present
Full Resume:
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